Our products are sold by the foot at an affordable rate, and we’re confident that you’ll like the price. Try out our estimate calculator.

How to use the calculator:

1. Make a simple drawing. Start with your home, on the bottom edge of the drawing, and draw out from the two sides. Connect the front side of the deck. Remember to include the stairs.
2. Enter the total length of each of the three sides in feet.
3. Choose the type of railing or wind wall for each individual side
4. Enter the total number of steps on your stairway. Choose if you need a railing on one side or both sides of the railing. Note: Code states that more than 3 steps require a railing. However, only one side is necessary if the stairs are against a wall.
5. Choose the gate size based on the width of the stairs

Before and after image 1Before and after image 2

Before and after image mobile 1Before and after image mobile 2